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Editorial Statute

  1. The Diário da Lagoa is a free regional newspaper with online and print editions.
  2. The Diário da Lagoa practices a close journalism made thinking about the public in the region and the Azoreans spread around the world, privileging timeless stories that mark the present time.
  3. The Diário da Lagoa seeks to guarantee citizens the right to information, without hindrance or discrimination.
  4. The Diário da Lagoa does not submit to party organizations or to ideological or political agendas.
  5. The Diário da Lagoa defends editorial choices that seek creativity and public interest, with the newsroom being solely responsible for the publication of the news.
  6. The Diário da Lagoa seeks to develop its activity with rigor and independence, governed by journalistic ethics and deontology.
  7. The Diário da Lagoa distinguishes news from opinion, the former being limited to the narration of the facts and the latter to the identification of the authors, following the criteria of pluralism.
  8. The Diário da Lagoa will refuse, at all times, to broadcast messages that have no news value or that incite the commission of crimes and violations of fundamental rights.
  9. The Diário da Lagoa recognizes the right of reply, under legal conditions, to any person or institution whose good name and reputation are proven to be affected by facts that reveal possible errors in the exercise of journalistic activity.
  10. The Diário da Lagoa will take a position, under the freedom of the Press Law, under the guidance of this Editorial Statute, whenever it considers that the principles of democracy and universal freedoms are at stake.